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Revolutionary Bible Study


As artists, God has entrusted us with a powerful tool for communicating truth. This world needs Christian artists who will boldly use their God-given talent to share Jesus’ revolutionary message outside of the church!

David Pierce’s book Revolutionary outlines ten biblically-based principles that challenge and empower artists to use music, art and other forms of creative expression to present Jesus in a clear and relevant way to people outside of the church. You can implement this study on your own, or gather together with your bandmates (or other artists) and journey through the book together.

Starting a Revolutionary Bible Study is simple!

  1. Make sure everyone has a copy of Revolutionary. It’s available in paperback or e-book.

  2. Meet weekly. If you’re in a band, you might meet an hour before your band practice and start out by working through this study.

  3. Read a chapter, then read through the questions and the scripture reference. We would encourage you to memorize the scripture reference each week.

  4. Discuss how the principle could be applied to your particular context. It’s okay to wrestle with the principles and work through different perspectives, as you explore their application.

  5. Agree upon and write down goals and next steps to take.

  6. Pray together.
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