Tradition of Rebels

It was a good year for Imagine Dragons. With their hits “Believer” and “Thunder” earning nearly a billion combined plays between them…
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When the Lights Go Down

The hardest part of following Jesus is following Jesus. If you've even been paying the slightest attention to what I've been up…
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Artist Interview: NUTEKI

For this month’s Come&Live! artist interview, I chatted with Misha Nokarashvili, lead singer of the band NUTEKI from Belarus. He shared with…
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Finish the Race

I have never been around someone more anointed than John*. We were together in one of the most dangerous parts of Amsterdam,…
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I Don’t Dig Wells!

God desires to use Millennials to change the world, but as with every generation, they face unique roadblocks to living in radical…
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