A Word Named Sacrifice

The word "sacrifice" has become the definition of our lives in WCS. It would be easy to stay and keep touring the States, but to experience what the Lord has to offer,
TD Benton

Lead singer and drummer of White Collar Sideshow.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/whitecollarsideshow/?pnref=lhc

to see how far he wants to take us, to genuinely give everything we have to see others go further, we have to be willing to "sacrifice" our lives for the sake of the Gospel. Living, breathing examples of freedom- of change, becoming the change we want to see! I guess the question is, What are we willing to do to see how far we are willing to go with God?

In the first couple years of my marriage, I struggled with porn addiction and my wife with bulimia. We were new to following Christ, but obviously still haunted by our selfishness. My wife called me out on my addiction, and she was honest with me with her struggle. We became two wounded soldiers laying down our mess at the foot of the Cross. God became the new glue in our marriage again. I started writing down my dreams for 3 years. I felt like the Lord was calling me to do a crazy music performance. At the time my wife managed a very successful business. We had a 4 bedroom house, 3 cars, hot tub-basically an “American Dream,” and I would beg my wife to financially invest into my crazy dreams. She thought I was crazy, or back on drugs, and had no interest in a Pig playing drums, a chick in a cage, or my horror film obsessions.

I was out of town helping friends of ours at Risen Drums, and my wife called and said, "God told me to jump." Of course, I said,"Where are you jumping to?" She told me this story of a missionary speaking at our church, who challenged her with "What are we truly living for?" Sometimes God gives people strange and unusual dreams and visions, but there are no administrators to help put these projects together, there are no business minded people to help set up structure, so many great ideas and dreams never happen. My wife has a true gift in these areas, not to mention a sweet gift of multi-tasking. Then the missionary asked a question that would truly challenge her spirit and mine, "If your entire life could be summed up in a phrase, in a bumper sticker on the back of a car, what would that phrase be?" Our entire life was summed up with “The American Dreamers.” Even though we were believers, we were living for ourselves.

My wife continued to tell me that she believed God was telling us to quit our jobs, sell everything, and start the band. So that’s what we did! Over the years we have been learning trust through struggles, and seeing miracles through mistakes and honesty. God was, and is, calling us to be living, breathing examples of change. In order to do it, to become the change, we had to give him everything we had. We gave Him everything that identified us, so HE could become our identity.

It all starts with obedience. I was obedient enough to write my dreams down and following through didn't happen overnight. My wife was obedient enough to listen and be willing to jump. In order to see how far the Lord wants to take us, we have to be ready to sacrifice everything. What does it really mean for you to be obedient? If your life could be summed up in a bumper sticker, what would it say?

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