Fear loves to keep love quiet

The fear of man lays a snare, but whoever trusts in the Lord is safe. - Proverbs 29:25
Chad Johnson

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There are times like this, when I sit down to write, where I’m entirely unsure where to start. In the natural, I don’t feel as though I have what it takes to provoke and inspire myself, let alone anyone else. Thankfully, Jesus is no stranger to this weakness and consistently proves grace victorious. No excited feelings accompany me in the now, and I’d love to say I was writing purely under the influence of inspiration. I confess what little I have to offer on my own. God quietly reminds me He isn’t as interested in revealing my strength as in radiating His.

The fear of man still snares me. I’ve now written a yet-to-be-released book about moving past fear into a life full of risk and adventure in the Spirit. I’ve seen God overcome my fear of man hundreds, probably thousands, of times. Here I sit, someone who continues to struggle with stepping past fear. One thought routinely strikes me as I slowly push past Satan’s lie that I will never break through the net weighed by the fear of man. I wish I could say with 100% certainty the thought is from God. I hope it is. I believe it is. The thought flows gently through my head formed by these words: “I’ve allowed you to experience the fear of man so you can relate with the fear hindering your brothers and sisters most.”

More times than I could count I’ve witnessed the power of God transfiguring my fearful state into compassion-fueled active faith. Just now the UPS man arrived to make a delivery. I was tempted to stay comfortable right where I was. My inner man fought for something greater. I asked how I could pray, and Dino was quick to remind the last time he was here I had offered the same. News to me and slightly embarrassing that I don’t remember. I have no recollection of having made the offer. Praise God all the same. Dino shared we had prayed months back for his wife with Thyroid issues. While she did have her Thyroid removed, she has recovered quickly and wonderfully - doing much better than expected. Fear loves to keep love quiet. God never bows to the fear of man as I do. He recognizes the idea for the twisted effort that it is. On the contrary, fear of man always bows to God.

There is only one way past this hindrance of a block in trusting God. Confessing that we often bow where we shouldn’t and inviting God to release His perspective to and through us. Whoever trusts in the Lord is safe. When I allow the fear of man to haunt me, I am openly admitting defeat - a space no Christian was ever called to inhabit. The victory was the posture Christ accomplished by the cross. If He is alive in me, victory is already mine - no matter how slack, small, lazy, tired, or discouraged I feel.

Jesus, I confess how often I bow where I shouldn’t. Thank You for frequently and constantly forgiving my flaws. Please forgive me for falling into this trap that had been set for us since the day of original sin. I’m encouraged to know this is no problem for You. It's not new trickery catching You off guard. Help me continue being the whoever who trusts in You, knowing I am safe. Cure me of these wounds. You, calling me son, will speak forever louder than fear pitched feverish.

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