Artist Interview: NUTEKI

For this month’s Come&Live! artist interview, I chatted with Misha Nokarashvili, lead singer of the band NUTEKI from Belarus. He shared with me about the way they follow up with those who respond to the Gospel at their shows, and how people are getting involved in local churches across the Russian-speaking world, as a result.
Katie Schaumann

Katie is a staff writer and part of Come&Live!’s Artist Relations and Development team.​

It’s great to talk to you again, Misha! Can you briefly tell the Come&Live! Community who you are, and about your band, NUTEKI?
Sure! I’m Misha, I’m a husband, father of two kids, and the leader and lead singer of the whole team and music band called NUTEKI. It started ten years ago in Belarus, and we’ve performed over 1000 concerts all around the world. Over the past ten years, more than half a million people have heard the Gospel through our shows. I don’t always like to share about that, because people might think we are prideful, but it’s what we have been able to do.

You’ve recently developed something called 6PM Bible Studies, and you use them as a form of follow up to your concerts. Can you explain what this is?
For five or six years, we were having follow-up meetings for people who responded after we preached the Gospel at our shows. But we realized that after we left those cities, the people didn’t stay in church for long. We noticed there was a real gap between the youth culture that was attending our concerts and the local church, and a very small percentage of those we followed up on from our concerts were staying connected to a church. So, we started to pray and ask God how we could bridge this gap.

We didn’t think it was our responsibility to make sure people stayed connected. We thought the local church should care for these people, but that wasn’t what was happening. So, to make a long story short, after we went through the Steiger Missions School (SMS), we decided to become musician missionaries (musicianaries) with Steiger International. We were encouraged by others, and heard how they were doing follow up and how they were able to reach and disciple people.

While we were at the SMS in Germany, I got this call in my heart to do something to bridge the gap between the people at our concerts and the local churches. We ended up creating a discipleship course for weekly meetings, and we use that as a platform after our concerts, to give the local church the opportunity to follow up with those we’ve reached. Our mission is to impact the global youth culture in their own language, and show them how to have a relationship with Jesus. With 6PM, we give the bible study leader and churches topics and videos as tools to help reach, disciple, and root these people in the local church.


How did you get the idea for 6PM? Did God simply reveal it to you one day while you were praying?

Yes! It was a normal “Seeking God Day” during the SMS, and I got this message in my heart that we shouldn’t only look for immediate fruit, but we should care about long-term fruit. I had this passion for a long-term impact, and I really felt God challenging me. As I was praying, I had the idea, “What if we read the Bible with people, in some kind of secular venue?” From this small beginning, 6PM has become a big movement. The desire through this is to show them who Jesus is and share the Gospel. God really whispered in my heart that there needed to be weekly meetings in a comfortable, neutral place, and that has now become the 6PM Bible Study. 

How do you find teams to run the 6PM Bible Studies that you have? And how do you train them?

We actually have 6PM Schools that happen three times during the year. Recently, we’ve added many new locations and larger teams have developed, but when we started, there were just five of us, including myself. 6PM has been growing so fast, and at first we were a little confused about what to do with that. Now, we do these three schools during the year, we have a website, and we share about it everywhere we go. From there, people can register for the school on our website and get training. We even have church leaders signing up to use it as a tool.


Have you seen a difference at your shows, now that you’re using 6PM as a follow-up tool?

Definitely. We’ve realized there’s a strategic purpose in everything we do. Now, we aren’t just concentrating on having a great show and great music videos - we’re focused on gaining new believers and growing the Kingdom. We want to see more believers in local churches, and to hear testimonies that after ten years, when Nuteki might not even be a band anymore, people are still growing and involved in a church. We want to be a part of their lives, and to provide discipleship for them. A lot has changed for our band, as well. We’ve become more about missions and discipleship, instead of just music and popularity. It isn’t about that for us at all; it’s all about people now.

Do you have a specific testimony you would like to share?
YES! Four people from our team came to Jesus through 6PM. They are huge testimonies. They are a part of our team now and help us, and this summer, they’ll be going to the Steiger Missions School, too. Them coming to Jesus is the best thing that could have happened! It’s amazing that they have stayed with us and joined our team, and are already doing things for Jesus! It’s just amazing!


How many cities and countries do you have 6PM Bible Studies happening in?

We have 6PM Bible Studies happening in 23 cities in five countries, including Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia and the USA.

That is so cool! How can we, as the Come&Live! Community, be praying for you, NUTEKI, and the 6PM Bible Studies?
Just pray for people to have a desire in their hearts to know the Truth, and for their hearts to be soft to Jesus. Also, pray for many new leaders to be raised up and equipped, to take this challenge to go and not only open a 6PM, but to engage in discipleship and share the Gospel. We want to challenge and equip other Christian artists to start doing something other than just music, and disciple them in this.

For more info about NUTEKI and its beginnings, check out our earlier interview with them here.

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