Come&Live! Community
This is a worldwide community committed to the idea of using art and music to change the world for Jesus. This is NOT only for artists and creatives, but anyone and everyone who has a passion for seeing Christian artists inspired to reach global youth culture for Jesus.

As C&L! Community member, you’ll receive the latest Come&Live! news, access to Provoke & Inspire teaching and training through the various “Provoke & Inspire” platforms (blog, podcast and videos) and made aware of events in your area. We will also share inspiring stories of artists who are making an eternal impact for Jesus around the world.

C&L! Community Action

Come&Live! provides opportunities for community action, including Fast Friday and Revolutionary Bible Studies.


There is power in our corporate prayer & fasting!

Join us in praying, fasting and seeking God's heart with a diligent passion for a global outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

Have a testimony or a request? Let us stand with you in prayer. We believe God hears and responds! Submit your praise and/or prayer to:

Fast Friday is a community of Jesus-followers who abstain from food, or whatever else the Lord puts on our hearts, with the desire to boldly seek Him on behalf of our needs and those of others.

Join the Come&Live! Community and check the “Fast Friday” box.


Gather together with your bandmates (or other artists) and journey through David Pierce’s book “Revolutionary!” together.

See below for more information about starting a Revolutionary Bible Study.

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As artists, God has entrusted us with a powerful tool for communicating truth. This world needs Christian artists who will boldly use their God-given talent to share the revolutionary message of Jesus Christ outside of the church!

David Pierce’s book “Revolutionary” covers ten principles that enable artists to use music, art and other forms of creativity to present Jesus in a clear and relevant way to people outside of the church.

You can implement this study on your own or gather together with your bandmates (or other artists) and journey through this book together.

Starting a Revolutionary Bible Study is simple!

  • Make sure everyone has a copy of “Revolutionary”. Buy a copy of “Revolutionary: 10 principles that will empower Christian artists to change the world” (see links on the right)
  • Meet weekly. If you’re in a band you could meet an hour before your band practice and start your practice working through this study. Providing food is a great way to bring people together.
  • Read a chapter, go through the questions.
  • Set goals, apply the principles.
  • Pray together.
RYFO Host Home Network - Serving the Voices
Are you gifted with hospitality? Would you like to host traveling artists in your home?
Then joining the RYFO Host Home Network is for you!

Being a full-time touring artist is hard. You’re separated from friends, family and local churches for most of the year. It’s no surprise then that some artists struggle not only physically but also emotionally and spiritually too.

That’s why Come&Live! is partnering with RYFO to help build up their network of incredible Host Homes so that more touring artists can find a place of peace and restoration in the midst of intense touring schedules.

Join the Come&Live! Community and check RYFO Host Home Network or go directly to to learn more.

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