NUTEKI is a music band from Belarus and Russia with the very simple and clear purpose to preach the Gospel and to challenge people to make the decision to follow Jesus and bring them to their first meeting with Jesus in prayer.

We want to reach youth all over the world for Christ using music, for it is the most available and understandable language.

NUTEKI is so much more than just a band! We preach the Gospel openly and constantly. We do live meetings in different towns where we go deeper into the essence of the Gospel, and we encourage growth of the youth ministry in local churches. We continue to work closely with new believers and do Bible studies with them; supporting them and getting them ready to start attending church.

We have a unique way of presenting youth with a way out through our professional show and music. We want to use a modern way of preaching in order to reach their hearts and to give them the Gospel in a new way.
God put a word on our heart 8 years ago, it’s our main slogan which is known to all people who know our band - and that is “Together we can change the world”.

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