Twenty five years ago Mark Mohr launched Christafari with a mission to reach the lost at any cost. Over the years Mark was haunted by the reality that third world nations and poverty-stricken, developing countries couldn't afford to fly-in even a single member of the band, let alone their entire crew. They decided the answer was in becoming musicianaries—full-time musical missionaries—willing to travel to the ends of the earth in an effort to preach the Gospel to those who could never afford them in conventional terms.

Music is a universal language crossing borders, cultures and people groups—a language Christafari loves using to help those who likely wouldn’t attend church, or feel comfortable in that setting—hearing the gospel without immediately throwing up walls. Christafari is a band honored to serve God, and praise God, with music they love.

Each of the members in Christafari have the same mission and vision, a commitment that requires sacrifice and discomfort. This is right where they believe God has called them. Seeing lives changed all around the world is entirely worth their while. It is often comfort that hinders Christians from doing big things for (and with) Jesus, a realization Christafari has come to terms with and pushed through.

Not only does the band travel the world performing shows to crowds of thousands, but they have the privilege of being the hands and feet of Jesus by visiting hospitals, serving at orphanages, feeding and clothing the poor.

Christafari are convinced that Jesus commanded them to deliver His message to the ends of the earth, not only to countries that could afford them. Christafari’s mission is simple: To the ends of the earth until all have heard, and until all have heard we’re not quitting.

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