Formed in 2010 in São Paulo, Brazil, Alegorica brings together on stage musicians and actors interacting with live VJ images, dance and special effects, all synchronized in an elaborate scenography and modern language. Their experimental electronic rock and costume design, inspired by elements from steampunk to industrial, creates a dynamic fast moving show from beginning to end, drawing in all types of audience. The performance looks at various important contemporary themes, with an enlightening and reflective message.

After a year of creative process, Alegorica began 2011 releasing a demo and taking the performance to audiences across São Paulo and other Brazilian states.

The beginning of 2012 comes marked by the release of the EP “Não era isso que eu queria” (“This isn’t what I wanted”) and went on their first international tour through Finland, Germany, Russia and Chile.

In 2013 went in their second world Tour through Portugal and Finland, with a new show and new visual effects.

In 2014 the second EP was released, named “SUPERSOMOS”, talks about the urge of mankind about being superior and perfect, and brings the question about the meaning of life – the song “Ortodoxia”( orthodoxy) makes questions about what are we living for).

In 2015 Alegorica went to their third international tour, this time to the middle east in Beirut - Lebanon.

In 2016 Alegorica started the year with a brand new formation, and is in process of creating a new show with new songs, concept and special effects.


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