Meet Our Team

Leadership Team

Ben Pierce

Provoke&Inspire Director

As the Chief Communicator for “Provoke & Inspire,” Ben leads the weekly podcast, writes articles and teaches seminars. He is passionate about challenging and equipping Christian artists to boldly use their God-given artistic talent to share the powerful Gospel message outside the church.

Ben is also the lead singer and guitarist for "No Longer Music”, an evangelistic music and theatrical production group that uses the stage to communicate the Gospel of Jesus in nightclubs, city squares and festivals, to young people who would never step foot into a church.

Chad Johnson

Founder, Provoke & Inspire Contributor

Chad is a Jesus follower, people lover, reader and writer, husband, father, fan of quality coffee beans and Nashville-style Hot Chicken. Beth, and their amazing kids, Sydney and David, share life with him in the rolling hills of West Nashville, TN.

Chad’s true calling came at the peak of his music industry success—an unexpected, undeserved, twelve year career, securely affixing his name to an album or two. By early 2009, he was one part impassioned and three parts foolish. He cashed out his 401(k), gold plaques, record collection and the unremarkable old, for a messy, extravagant new that has led him - reluctantly - to every continent on the planet.

Denny & Maureen Hurst

Artist Relations and Development Directors

While still in their teens, Denny & Maureen both felt called to a lifetime in missions. Marrying in the mid-1980s, they left the U.S. the following day for Italy, where they spent 22 years serving, encouraging and opening their home to artists with a desire to use their gifts to share the Gospel. In 2007, they moved to their current home base in Faro, Portugal, expanding their vision to reaching out to all of Southern Europe. They now feel privileged to serve the worldwide Come&Live! family of artists through mentorship, community-building, and strategic trainings.

Denny & Maureen are lovers of Jesus, family, community living, and of long hours spent around a tableful of people, sharing good food and stories of God's amazing goodness and faithfulness. Their now-adult children, Whitney, Alana (with her husband, Charlie), and Isaac, are all involved in international missions.

Aaron Pierce

Strategic Director

Aaron Pierce is the Executive Director of Steiger International. As a missionary kid, he grew up in the center of Amsterdam, where he saw first-hand the transformational power of God in the lives of many lost and hopeless people.

Today, Aaron oversees Steiger’s strategic direction, continues to participate in evangelistic tours around the world, teaches at Steiger training events, develops new ministry partnerships and more. Aaron and his wife Jennifer live with their children, Asher, Selah and Hudson, in Minnetonka, Minnesota.

Staff / Contributors

David Pierce

Provoke & Inspire Contributor

David Pierce is the founder of Steiger International, a worldwide mission organization called to reach and disciple the Global Youth Culture. He is a gifted proclamation evangelistic, dynamic speaker, and visionary.

In the early 1980s, at the height of the European punk rock movement, David started a band called No Longer Music (NLM), as a tool to communicate the Gospel of Jesus to these young people who would never step foot into a church.

David preaches in churches, conferences, and universities all around the world, challenging people to live lives of radical faith and have a heart for the lost.

Luke Greenwood

Provoke & Inspire Contributor

Luke is the Director of Steiger Europe. His passion is in evangelism and discipleship among the alternative scenes of the Global Youth Culture. Luke, his wife Ania, and their two children currently live in Wrocław, Poland.

In previous years, Luke worked with Steiger Brazil, guiding a Brazilian version of the band, No Longer Music; the community house "Espaco Coletivo;" and a movement of evangelistic art and music events called Manifeste. His vision for Steiger in Europe is to see Jesus proclaimed to young people all over the continent. He wants to establish dynamic, missionary teams reaching the Global Youth Culture and developing long-term presences through ongoing discipleship and local church partnership, in every key urban center. In addition to such projects, Luke often speaks, sharing the vision of Steiger in churches and conferences, as well as teaching each year at the Steiger Missions School on the topics of Evangelism and Discipleship in the Global Youth Culture.

Valerie Acosta

Communication Coordinator

As Communications Coordinator, Valerie works with the members of the Leadership Team to develop and implement communications strategies that convey Come&Live!’s vision and values. Her commitment to dynamic and pro-active correspondence, and a strong social media presence help keep the C&L! Community informed on all the latest happenings.

Valerie first came in contact with Come&Live! in 2010, when she translated from English, subtitled, and released on YouTube a series of C&L! videos, thus bridging the gap with the Spanish-speaking world and opening many new doors for ministry.

She and her husband, Come&Live! artist Joani Gomez, both Colombian-born, are currently based in Madrid, Spain, working together to reach the Global Youth Culture.

Isaac Hurst

Provoke&Inspire Producer and Staff Writer

Born in Italy to American parents, then spending the second half of his childhood in Portugal, Isaac has always considered himself a missionary as much as the rest of his family. He grew up surrounded by music and artists from around the world, and his passion for drumming led him to begin studying at the early age of seven. By his mid-teens, he was convinced that God had called him to use his gifts to share the Gospel around the world.

In 2015, Isaac moved to the US for the first time in his life, pursuing his desire to serve with Steiger and Come&Live! in Minneapolis. His roles include producing the Provoke & Inspire podcast, and serving as a writer for other P&I web and social media content.

Isaac is also the drummer for the evangelistic band, No Longer Music. and loves the opportunity this affords him to use his God-given talent and passion for communication to reach the Global Youth Culture with the hope of Christ.
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